Sunday, January 3, 2016

My vacation (Nut)

 Hello! Dr.Scott Happy new year.On holiday I toured several provinces and here I thought it was the most beautiful,Tak I had to wait for the sunset and have camping, the atmosphere is warm in winter.
I countdown with my family and many people from other places.

My vacation (Joe)

Hello Dr. Scott happy new year 2016 
I wish you happy all of this year 
On the 25 December I went to chiang rai to go wat thaton in mae ai district it on the mountain and I take this photo between going to temple it a good view that i ever seen I love to see natural so much It make me feel like comfrot I don't have many picture so I take this pic to show because It the most beutiful and I wish you happy. 

My Vacation Trip [Noey]

Already 2016 !

I can't open my eyes because sun is very bright.

On December 31 2015 I went to Phu Ing Fah Resort in Mae Rim with my family for countdown night! Resort is very beautiful design and beautiful  natural. It has a lake. Resort is on the mountain. First day I just do something because when I go to resort it’s very dark but at the midnight (I’m not sleep) I hear a firework’s sound and then I run out of room and go to the outside and take a photo of firework. (My parent is sleep already) Second day I wake up early an go to Mueang Kaen Phatthana Town Municipality in Mae Tang. Behind this place has a lot of pink flowers name is Cosmos. even though I wake up early and want to go in the morning but when I reach it’s very hot and sun is very bright. If I have a chance I want to go to this again but I should wake up early more than this time.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My vacation trip

Hello!! Dr. Scott Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . Today (291215)  I had an appointment to visit with my close friends , and they are my classmates when I study M.3 . We depart at 6 a.m. to the Mon Cham , after that we went to garden of Eden , Strawberry farm and Botanic garden Chiang Mai . We spent a whole day to walking , take a photo , talking and socialize. Since senior high school, we were dispersed in different rooms , when we come back together again we were really happy together. It lets me know "friends" that no matter how many years pass, friends will still be friends.

BEW :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


>> yes,I want to go English camp because  it's very interested and causing many people to meet  and don't make me feel boring  and it has been a great experience

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Do you want to go to english camp? [Noey]

I want to go to English camp because I never go to english camp but I don't have a close friend in SEEK class. I feel lonely when I go to the camp. And I live in dormitory alone. I don't have parent to take me to school in saturday and sunday.

Do you want to go English camp? (Joe)

Yes I do, I want to go too but my friends don't go so If I go but don't have my friends It not be fun and the price is a little bit expensive and the same day of Np camp I have to go see doctor to do Orthodontics so I can't go to Np camp